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Frosty Boy - The leaders in powdered dessert bases, specialsing in Soft Serve, Frozen Yoghurt & Beverages

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Frosty Boy Soft Serve

Soft serve ice cream can be considered one of the most versatile frozen desserts in the market. From fast food chains, QSR’s, take away shops to high-end gourmet restaurants Frosty Boy’s soft serve bases cater for all.  We stock a full range of flavour sachets and toppings to compliment the Frosty Boy Soft Serve.

Frosty Boy Australia has been innovating soft serve ice cream since 1976. Our know-how coupled with a worldwide supply chain enable us to outsource only the best ingredients and supply any market with any specific taste profile required.

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Frosty Boy Frozen Yoghurt

Frosty Boy deliver the widest range of Frozen Yoghurt Blends available in the market.  

Add on Frozen Yoghurt to your menu - Frosty Boy Australia has quality product and brand loyalty to improve your store traffic and grow profits. Our highly cost-effective frozen yoghurt products will increase your revenue and profitability. From cafes, clubs and restaurants to theme parks - our products are proven to boost sales and generate great customer satisfaction.

Frosty Boy delivers a huge range of Blends & Flavourings to suit all budgets and pallets.


Granita or Slushie

Fruchilla Range 

The Fruchilla range of flavour concentrate, has both a range of 99% natural fruit juice concentrate with no added sugar, and also a range of non-natural flavour concentrates.

Natural Fruchilla Flavours
Strawberry l Orange Mango l Lemon Lime l Blueberry

Non-Natural Fruchilla Flavours
Blue Raspberry l Strawberry l Lemon Lime l Grape l Cola l Mango

Frosty Ice (Powder)


Frosty Ice (Slushie)

A neutral powdered base for making slush – simply mix the Frosty Ice base with water and add one of our specially designed Flavourcol syrups.

Flavourcol  Flavours
Raspberry, Lemon & Lime, Orange, Cola,Chocolate, Strawberry, Banana, Coffee, Mango, Blueberry, Tropical Blue. 

Frosty Ice Granita (Cordials)

Our Frosty Ice Granita is a range of flavoured cordial concentrate that mixes with water in a Granita machine to create a range of flavoured slush beverages.

Frosty Ice Granita Flavours

Blue Lemonade, Raspberry, Tropical, Cola, Lime, Fruit Tingle.

The Art of Blend Frappe Mix

The Art of Blend is the synergy of art and food together – the look, taste and feel only a premium beverage can provide. Each blend has been created using the finest ingredients available, from Forastero cocoa to Arabica coffee and a secret blend of spices to produce the ultimate drinking experience.

The Art of Blend offers a range of beverage powder bases, strictly created so you can ‘design to excite’ your customers with frappes, smoothies, granita blends, over ice or served hot. The Art of Blend offers complete flexibility without compromising the quality of a gourmet beverage. Created by just adding water, each blend can be enjoyed on its own or let your creativity fly by adding fruits, flavourings, toppings, syrups and just about anything to impress the most refined customer tastes.

Art of Blend Frappe Flavours

Mocha Latte, Spiced Chai, Iced Coffee, Belgian Chocolate, Milk Chocolate, White Chocolate, Yoghurt Smoothie Base, Velvet Dairy Base