Sprinkles, Sherbet & Coloured Choc Drops

Sajani Cups & Cones offer a great range of Sprinkles, Sherbet & Coloured Choc Drops.

If you are after a specific colour or a custom mix we are more than happy to assist you.

Available in convenient 1kg Bags or 10kg Bulk buys.

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Regium is a complete line of innovative products dedicated to the beverage industry and especially conceived
for the hospitality sector, proposing solutions that respond to the professionals’ needs year-around.

Regium, consists of extremely versatile products made with selected raw materials:
from products for preparing refreshing drinks, cocktails, frappes, and other frozen specialties to components
that make warm and enveloping beverages.

Regium is the ideal partner for those who want to excel in the hospitality sector, both in the classic and innovative segments.


Alchemy shares an obsession with flavour, and loves nothing more than making our customers swoon with pleasure at the taste of of all their cordials and syrups, transforming refreshment.

Their all natural cordials are made with NO Artificial Flavours, Colours, Preservatives, GMO and are Gluten Free.  When mixed with water or mineral water they have around half the sugar content of soft drinks.

Sajani stock a complete range of Alchemy Cordials, 


Trisco Foods are an Australian family owned business managed by the Tristram family who have been manufacturing food and beverage products for over five generations in Queensland, dating back to 1875.

All of Ian Tristram's Flavoured Toppings are available from Sajani Cups & Cones