Here at Sajani, we hold a comprehensive range of PreGel products and provide exceptional customer service, access to  education, and conceptual solutions that produce the Classic Taste of Italy.


PreGel develops, manufactures and distributes authentic ingredients of the highest quality from Italy.  Their range includes toppings, flavours, powders and pastes used in gelato, beverages, pastry, and other specialty desserts.


Sajani & PreGel believe in blending your passion with our ingredients to achieve incredible results. 


PreGel base products are quintessential ingredients in powder form for the creation of customised artisanal frozen desserts. PreGel premium bases provide the necessary foundation to promote optimal consistency, creaminess, scoopability and texture, whilst achieving the necessary balance of sugars, fats, and solids. PreGel offers base products for both Cold and Hot Process machines and caters for those with dietary restrictions such as dairy-free, diabetic-friendly, vegan, and additive-free bases.


Made with raw materials sourced from around the world, PreGel’s flavouring pastes offer consistency and high quality in every product. PreGel Traditional Pastes are intense flavourings for milk and water-based desserts.  Traditional Paste lines includes a variety of classic and new flavours in order to satisfy many palates. The fruits used to manufacture Fortefrutto® fruit pastes, they are sourced from around the world and carefully harvested at the peak of their season to ensure the authentic taste is preserved, bringing the highest quality to our products.


These thick pastes are ready-to-eat, with the majority of flavour options containing pieces of the actual ingredient in the mix. The diverse variegates can be folded into gelato and ice cream or used as ripples or flavourful fillings for pastry. A wide range of Arabeschis® and PinoPinguino® fudges will easily accommodate the creativity of every chef’s imagination.


PreGel topping and coating lines offer both liquid and hard-coating products to suit your needs. Use our hard coatings to add crunch to gelato and ice-cream, coat frozen popsicles and cakes, and create monoportions. Add top-up toppings to add smooth sauces to a variety of desserts for garnish and flavour.

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